Ushers Ministry

Usher’s Creed 

I wear the badge of service,

so boldly on my chest

It tells congregation

That I will do my best 


No matter what the program,

how large or small the crowd

you’ll know me by my trademark

White gloves I wear so proud.


I dare not stray or wander,

the door is my command

and like the rich man’s porter,

there straight and tall I stand.


I’ll try not to offend you,

and I’ll pray for self control.

God’s service is my purpose

and heaven is my goal


So, I wear the badge of service,

for I must stand the test

I’ve got much ground to cover,

And miles to go – before I rest.

Mission Statement
Provide committed and dedicated service unto God as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord.


To render service by ushering whenever we are called upon, welcoming all who enter into the House of God.  Standing post and maintaining order not only during Sunday service but whenever needed to serve.


Who We Serve?

We serve as doorkeepers to all members of St. Matthew’s church as well as visiting churches.  We also serve at other churches when called upon.



President - Sis. Jan Lewis