Member Information

Member Information:

Theme for the Year: “Our Journey in Time, Look Where the Lord Has Brought Us From” 




Dear Church Family and Friends,

As we continue to celebrate our risen Savior let us also celebrate our Youth who shared with us their recitations at the annual Easter Cantata. Thank you to the youth supervisors, parents, grandparents, guardians, friends and family for continuing to support them.

Lay your hands on yourself and repeat after me . . .Victory over ALL of me! It's just that simple.

I am praying for you,



Wed. April 17th @ 7:30p – St. Mary’s UFWB Church 46th Church Anniversary, 40 Kossuth St, New Haven


Weekly Prayer Line: Monday evening @ 6:45pm  & Thursday Morning@ 6:45am
Prayer Line: 1-712-775-8964; Conference  ID: 651583
Administrative Assistant Hours – 10a-3p Wednesday & Thursdays
Need a ride to church – Please call Sis. Patricia James by Friday 5p for Sunday pickup (475-202-9130) 

Food Pantry – April Donation – Canned Tuna and Pasta

Tuesday, April 30th @ 6:30p – Senior Ushers Ministry Meeting. Asking ALL Sr. Ushers to be in attendance business of importance. Thank you.

Wednesday May 1st @ 5:30p – Sister-2-Sister Meeting. New members are always welcomed

Sunday, May 5th @ 4:00p - Church School Annual Day Guest Preacher: Elder Jamarr Myrick

Monday, May 6th @ 6:00p – Church Call Meeting (RJGay Building) Members Only

The Pastor's Anniversary Committee is looking for Ministries, Choirs and Audience Captain & Co-Captain. Please submit your name(s) to any member of The Ministerial Team TODAY. Anniversary Information Packets will be distributed on the 1st Sunday in May. “LET’S GO TO WORK!”


GOSPEL CONCERT THE NEW HAVEN GREEN “Gospel Music Today & Forever” Charles Brown, Director June 14, 2019 Anyone desiring to sing with the Salt & Pepper Singers for the concert, please place your name and contact number on a slip of paper and give it to Elder Mae Gibson-Brown


If you were a member who has not been attending since 2016 but have been attending lately and are planning on staying you must be properly reinstated.  If you don't want to walk down the isle you can see the secretary after service and be put back on the roll...It's that's easy.... We look forward to welcoming you back home to the Church that Cares. 

COMMUNICATION MINISTRY - provides copies of services on CDs. (See Sis. Sharon Moore or forms are available in Vestibule)

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK:  FROM THE EDITORIAL DESK: All Birthday, Anniversaries, Announcements and Flyers for the Church Bulletin are due Wednesday at 3p via paper submission in the Editorial mailbox or email


The procedure for information to be placed on the Church website or Facebook is detailed below:

  • Please provide the following information: name, contact information, the date the information needs to be on the website and/or Facebook (please allow 48 hrs for review & approval) and the content to be included along with any attachments.
  • The information will be subject to Pastor Hardy and Trustee Poole’s approval.
  • Please send the required information to
  • If the information is urgent please indicate this in your email.
Our Church,
Our Commitment 
Our Responsibility
We ask that you refrain from eating and drinking in the sanctuary.  We understand that we have parishioners who need to take medicine or may have a tickle in their throat that requires a drink of water.  Please excuse yourself and go downstairs to do so.  Please do not leave your water bottles/or any type of beverage containers in the back of the seats.  If you have young children that you need to feed, we ask that you please take them downstairs where we have garbage receptacles for your trash.  Thank you for doing your part to keep our sanctuary clean.